The Business Acquisition QuickStart Programme

Buy Businesses Without Risking Your Own Capital Or Going Into Debt

Get mentored by Jonathan Jay - Business acquisition expert with over 20 years acquisition experience. Podcast Host, Author, and Mentor to over 12,650 students.

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Jonathan Jay here...
I’ve been in business for thirty-one years! The first ten years I struggled... I was doing business the hard way.
I was spending a fortune on advertising with minimal results. Turning up to my office every day and managing staff (which I’m not great at!).
It’s fair to say that I didn’t make much money for the first ten years.
And then I discovered a new way of being in business
I bought other people’s businesses (for practically nothing) and combined them into one ‘super business’. I sold the ‘super business’ to a Private Equity firm in November 2007 and became a multi-millionaire overnight.
So I did it again and again... 
And I still do it today!
Right now I’m buying a company, on average, every ten to fourteen days, for a 80-90% discount on the original asking price, adding a million pounds of additional revenue to my portfolio every month!
And here’s the secret – I do it without personal risk, without borrowing money from a bank and without digging into my savings.
And this hasn't just worked for me, it's worked for thousands of other people who I've taught my strategies to.
I've put together a 2.5 hour live online training session where I teach you how you can buy your first business in just 100 days; a business that can provide you with instant cash-flow.
I would encourage you to read through all the information on this page to see if the programme is a good fit for you, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
Jonathan Jay

If you own a business

The fastest way to hit your business goals is to acquire another business. You can grow your business faster and sell it for more! Business acquisition wins over slow, organic growth, every time.

If you want to get into business

Skip the years of trial and error, and product testing. Buy an established business which already has an office, staff, accounting systems, marketng strategies and most importantly - cash flow

The Framework of Risk-Free Acquisition

To make any deal work, you're first going to need to find a motivated seller. This is something I go in-depth on during the The Business Acquisition QuickStart Programme.

When sourcing deals, it's important to understand that not every deal will be right for you.

Some business owners won't be open to the type of deals we're after, and that's fine. We only need to find the ones who have what I call 'Deal Possibility'.

Your job now becomes negotiating the deal, using the appropriate strategy for your situation.

On the Business Acquisition QuickStart Programme, I'm going to teach you the deal structures that I've used to buy over 100 businesses.

The 4 Acquisition Myths:

1. You Need Capital
Most of the deals I've done in my career have been without investing any of my own money.
2. You Need Good Credit
The strategies I teach don't involve you personally borrowing money, so your credit score isn't relevant.
3. You Need To Do This Full Time
By using other professionals (funded by the business you're buying), you only need a couple of hours per week.
4. You Need Experience
The majority of Business Acquisition QuickStart graduates do their first deal without having any prior experience.

"Jonathan is someone who is interested in your journey"

"We all think we know how to grow and scale a business, but Jonathan has done it at a much larger scale"

"You will learn how to minimise the risk that you personally are taking, which is really important"

The Business Acquisition QuickStart Programme

This is a complete end to end programme that will give you everything you need to know to buy a business the smart way – without any personal risk.

In this 2.5 hour session I’m going to show you how to successfully buy a business. You will learn the insider tips and tricks which will save you a fortune and help you avoid making expensive mistakes.

The Course Syllabus

  • The best type of business to buy and how to find ‘off-market’ deals without using brokers or websites. This is where you find the best prices and terms.
  • ​How to achieve amazing ‘deal flow’ so you have your pick of the best ‘below market value’ businesses in the £400k to £10m range.
  • The exact scripting so you know what to say and what to do during your initial telephone or zoom call with a seller – and then how to conduct the face to face meeting.
  • ​How to establish the price of the business and how to negotiate it down without any ‘strong arm’ moves and without being confrontational.
  • ​How to buy a business out of bankruptcy.
  • ​How to structure ‘no money down deals’ which don’t require your own cash to make them happen. When you realise this is possible it opens up a whole new world of business acquisitions to you.
  • How to understand the legal and accountancy minefield of buying a business and how to turn an idea of buying a business into reality, in a stress-free way!
  • ​The Takeover Plan and what happens now you own the business – finding fast profitability and paying yourself a ‘Deal Fee’ on completion.
  • ​How to run a ‘Buy and Build’ strategy to create a group of companies and sell them for a small fortune!