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What is a 
Mastermind Group?

A group of like-minded people with a shared goal.

A safe place to learn and grow.

Accelerate your success.

What are the benefits of joining the Business Acquisition Mastermind today?

1. We will be by your side through your first deal

2. You will have hundreds of questions – you will always have someone to ask

3. Build your credibility and confidence

4. Become an expert dealmaker and do better deals


1. Knowledge and Expertise

2. Confidence and Credibility

3. Support and Community


 Buying the business

 What happens after you've bought it

Selling the business for a profit



12 Month Programme

21 Comprehensive Training Modules

Video – Detailed PDF’s – PowerPoint Slides – over 500 pages
Accessible Immediately 

1. The BHAG - and an amazing future

2. Choosing the right business to buy

3. Building your credibility and confidence

4. Finding off-market deals

5. An amazing Discovery Call

6. Good deal or bad deal?

7. Buying an under-performing business

8. Understanding the property aspects of the acquisition

9. Knowing how much to pay for the business

10. Winning at the face-to-face meeting

11. Negotiating the best price and terms

12. How to fund the business without cash

13. Creating no money down deal structures

14. Acquisition Strategies

15. Getting to LOI/HOTS

16. Effective Due Diligence

17. What happens between LOI and Closing

18. The first 100 days of ownership

19. The Buy and Build Strategy

20. Quick wins to improve profitability

21. The Big EXIT!

12 Months of Live Zoom
Mastermind Meetings

Get your questions answered - 100% interactive

Be kept accountable - put yourself in the hotseat

Learn from me and other Masterminders


'Behind Closed Doors'

 Two one-day workshops in London
Filmed and also live-streamed

Network - Learn - Practice


Buy Businesses for a Living - Three Year Programme

Everything in Gold, PLUS...

Twelve 'Behind Closed Doors' private meetings with Jonathan and his team and other serious dealmakers in London.

Twelve 121 Zoom coaching sessions

to keep you focused and on track - starting ASAP



Everything in Gold & Platinum, PLUS...

  • Inner Circle Membership (worth £7500 per year)
  • VIP Retreats (worth £2999 each £30,000 value) - attend as often as you want 
  • Direct WhatsApp and 121 private consultations with Jonathan Jay - when you need them.

Just £7,999 +vat

For the 12 month Gold Mastermind

(ideal for people who want to buy one business or multiple businesses)

Just £9,999 + vat

For the three-year Platinum Mastermind:

Gold benefits + twelve live workshops plus twelve 121 coaching sessions

Only 6 places a year

Just £14,999 + vat

For the lifetime* VIP Programme - everything in Gold + Platinum + Inner Circle + Whatsapp to JJ + All the Retreats

Special Bonuses for Single Payments


Bonus #1 Training on How to Buy a Distressed Business for £1 - Others charge £6500 for this alone!

Bonus #2 LinkedIn Training - How to Build Credibility on LinkedIn and Source Deals

Bonus #3 How to Build a Group in Four Years and Sell for 8 Figures - from someone who's done it

Bonus #4 100 hours of Q&A trainings -  5 years of archive content - over 1000 questions answered

Special Bonuses for the first 8 registrations received


Special Bonus #1 Be part of Year Two of The Gold Mastermind - FREE (£7999 value)

Special Bonus #2 Three-Day VIP 5* Retreat in Marbella

be there or watch the live stream

Three Days of Acquisitions, Business Growth and Mindset

And we'll pay for your accommodation and all your meals

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12 month
Gold Mastermind

£7,999 +vat

Platinum Mastermind:

£9,999 + vat


VIP Programme

£14,999 + vat