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This is The Dealmaker’s Academy where Jonathan Jay and his team of business buying and selling experts will train you in the steps to buying a business, growth by acquisition, how to sell a company and business turnaround. If you want expert guidance on how to buy a business or how to sell your business effectively without business brokers – you’re in the right place!

Maybe you want to understand the best way to borrow money to buy a company or how you go about buying a business with no money down. There are many no money down business opportunities, even when buying an established business. When you see a business for sale you might wonder how to buy a business or even how to best go about valuing.

At The Dealmaker’s Academy, we can teach you all of this and more. 

How To Buy A Business

The Dealmakers Academy will train you in the best way of buying a small business (even with no money), how to find businesses for sale, how to approach the owner and negotiate the deal. Purchasing a business opens up many new opportunities. For an established businessperson stepping into an existing business can be a great way to expand your revenue streams or start a new chapter in your professional life. Avoid the time-consuming process of getting a new venture off the ground by, instead, buying an existing business. Furthermore, when you know how to buy a company or how to buy a business you can grow your own business faster though acquisition acquisitions and mergers.

How To Sell A Business

If you are selling a business and you want to do this without a business broker, The Dealmakers Academy and Jonathan Jay’s team of experts will guide you in the steps requires to sell your business effectively and how to go about valuing a business. If you’ve successfully grown your business and are ready to cash in – congratulations. But the work isn’t over just yet. With a little training from our experts, however, you can sell your business far more easily and effectively making sure to maximise the pay-out for all your hard work. 

Learn How To Buy & Sell A Small Business

Maybe you know someone who is selling business assets or they are advertising the sale of their business?

With Jonathan’s team, you will be able to learn everything you need. At The Dealmaker’s Academy, we have a range of products each tailored to different business buying and selling needs. For a thorough introduction to the subject and a guide on how to buy a business without risking your own capital, claim a free copy of Business Buying strategies. 

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